Build Green

Building green homes is all about reducing impact on the environment, as well as impact on your bank account.

Green homes generally use minimal materials and equipment, while ensuring the materials used are as local and high-performing as possible. This reduces environmental impact by reducing transportation costs and energy costs, while also positively impacting your bottom line.

At Lumber One, we are continually learning and growing our expertise in designing and building custom green homes, apartment complexes and entire developments through green building practices.

Build Custom Green Homes

We use many different practices to build green homes, including:

  • Smarter building orientation
  • Custom design
  • Construction and material selection
  • Overall more efficient use of water, land and other resources

Our approach to building green homes includes:

  • Effective insulation for consistent temperatures throughout the house, leading to lower energy consumption
  • High-performance windows with coatings to help keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, as well as block damaging ultraviolet sunlight
  • Airtight construction and ductwork to help eliminate drafts, moisture, dust, pests and pollen, which improves indoor air quality and comfort with lower maintenance costs
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment which turns on and off less frequently, removing more humidity and providing better comfort with lower utility bills

Lumber One: Great Builders, Green Homes

At Lumber One, your project is our top concern. We operate based on honesty and integrity, have done so since 1962, and continue to strive to deliver an exceptional experience with every client. You can rest easy knowing that when you contract with Lumber One for your green home, we do things right the first time and never cut corners. Contact us today, or visit one of our two convenient locations in central Minnesota: Avon and Cold Spring.