Why Are Pole Barns So Popular? The Top 3 Answers

You may need additional storage for any number of belongings from recreational vehicles to an antique collection. It could be that you love working on cars or building furniture and need a great space for a shop. Or, your business may require a building to stock additional merchandise. Perhaps you own a farm and require a shelter for animals or equipment. Whatever your situation may be, enjoying the convenience of a new building to serve your needs is wonderful. If you are considering building, you have several options including steel, wood frame, and pole buildings. It is no secret that pole buildings are a much-respected choice for many reasons. It is important to do your research to determine the type of structure that will best fit your application. In this article, we will focus on the top 3 answers to why pole barns are so popular.

Pole Barn Popularity – Reason 1: Value

Of the three primary building choices, building a pole barn is the most cost effective. The cost of materials is small in comparison to other methods. Also, pole barns are less labor intensive and can be finished in less time. This certainly saves money on labor costs if you hire a firm to build it for you. Or, if you build it yourself, will save your valuable time. Another benefit is that pole barns do not require a traditional foundation. They can be constructed on uneven land without the need for expensive earth moving and grading.

Pole Barn Popularity – Reason 2: Adaptable

Pole barns also win the contest in the level of adaptability and usability. Pole barns accommodate more uses than other building types. Pole barns can be built in many different shapes and sizes while the wood frame and steel buildings are limited by their trusses and other factors. They are well suited and have been used for countless applications including workshops, horse barns, corporate offices, restaurants, and vacation homes. Their exterior can be finished in any style and be made to look like any other building type.

Pole Barn

Pole Barn Popularity – Reason 3: Strength

It may be surprising, but pole barns are actually an extremely strong building method. They carry a life expectancy of 60 to 80 years or longer with proper construction and maintenance. Because the poles that support the building are buried in the earth, they resist the force of high winds and they have the ability to survive weather that would likely destroy or severely damage other building methods. Furthermore, the structural makeup of the buildings are stronger allowing the roof to handle more weight, including the piles of snow so common in our area.

It is important to remember that the qualities that make any building popular require the proper materials, quality construction, and knowledge regarding the best methods for building it. A pole barn has many excellent things going for it. However, just like any building project, to deliver those benefits requires doing it right. Lumber One is a terrific resource for your pole barn needs. Our lumber yard can provide the materials, our knowledgeable staff can answer questions and offer valuable information, and our experienced builders could even build it for you. A pole barn is more affordable, faster and easier to construct, more adaptable, and stronger. Be sure you have the tools, materials, and knowledge needed to build a pole building that will last for generations.

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Description: Why are pole barns so popular? Learn the top three answers to this question and understand the benefits of choosing this building style for yourself.