The Pros & Cons of a Pole Barn

For home and business owners in need of an additional storage unit, pole barns are an excellent choice. They are affordable, easy to insulate, fast to build, and simple to design. You can use them for a vast range of applications from basic storage to a shop, living quarters, or even a restaurant. Pole barns are exceptionally versatile buildings but are they always the best option and worth the effort and expense to build them? At Lumber One, we understand the importance of evaluating the positives and negatives of any building project. Here are some of pros & cons of a pole barn you need to evaluate before starting a pole barn building project.

Pole Barn Pros

Pole barns are generally relatively easy to build. Often, they can be made using a “kit”, or a packaged project. These kits will usually contain all the plans and materials for the building process in one convenient package. All you need to do is find a design plan you like and have the materials you need for the construction process shipped to your doorstep. There are also hundreds of design plans available for pole barns. Whatever your application may be, there is likely a pole barn option that fits your needs and style preferences. Also, compared to steel or wood frame barns, pole barns are extremely affordable. The foundation is made from simple wooden poles, and the building’s frame is very easy to assemble. Pole barns can be built very quickly, and construction is very straightforward.

Pole Barn

Pole Barn Cons

Perhaps the most significant downside to pole barns is not with the barn itself, but where it needs to be constructed. Some areas may have zoning restrictions on how wide or tall you can build pole barns. Be sure to look up your local zoning and building codes before you attempt to build your own pole barn. Another possible con is that a pole barn does not include the option for a basement. Its foundation is entirely built with wooden poles limiting you to the space above ground.

If you are considering a pole barn, take the time to consider your options and think about the various pros and cons. Also, seek out professional advice from an experienced lumber yard or builder.

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