3 Effective Ways To Build Value During A Home Remodel

Whether it’s time to sell your house or not, it’s always a good idea to consider how a home remodel will affect the value of your home before you wade in too deep.

While it’s common knowledge that the kitchen and bathrooms benefit the value of your home the most through remodeling, let’s look at three specific, effective ways you can build value during a home remodel.

3 Effective Ways To Build Value During A Home Remodel

1. Create Space In The KitchenKitchen_Dining18

One of the easiest ways to create value during a home remodel is by making the kitchen space appear visually bigger. We’re not adding square footage to the room or the home here, just making it appear more open.

The best way to do this is by removing a non-structural wall between the kitchen and another living space, such as the dining or family room. This opens up the flow of the floor, will improve your feelings about the room during your stay in the home as well as making potential buyers more comfortable in your home.

Another way to create space with a home remodel is by removing your kitchen island if you have one. Only do this if you believe you have enough cupboard space without the island. Otherwise, look into removing the stationary island and adding a portable island, which gives you a little less storage and countertop space, and allows it to be moved to a different spot or out of the room entirely if needed.

2. Add Nice New Touches To The BathroomBathrooms8

The other room to look to for added value during a home remodel is your bathroom. This could be your master, a guest powder room or another bathroom, or you could tackle any or all of the bathrooms in your home.

It’s best to add some nice new touches to the bathroom, and remove anything which is out of place. If you already have updated fixtures but still have frosted glass or old wallpaper up, change the frosted glass to clear and get rid of the wallpaper. If you haven’t updated the fixtures, do so. You can also swap out the hardware on the cabinets for a fresh look, or, if doing a larger home remodel, pick a new stain or replace the cabinets or countertop entirely.

Another way to add value in the bathroom during a home remodel is with a low-flow toilet. These toilets cut the water use per flush just about in half. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, just installing a low-flow toilet can save a homeowner nearly $100/year, and it’s a nice touch to show a potential buyer the home is updated.

3. Adjust Flow Of KitchenKitchen_Dining9

Heading back to the kitchen, another way to increase the value of the home is by adjusting the layout through a home remodel. You generally want to have your appliances/sink laid out in a triangle, with the sink and dishwasher at one point, the refrigerator at another, and stove at another.

It’s a concept which helps with work flow, and is generally accepted by designers and architects, and will help visually add value to your home.

If you currently have a walkway cutting through your ‘triangle’, it can impede the workflow. You may have never considered the workflow of your kitchen, but consider it and think of how a home remodel could help.