On average, buying a new house is going to be better for your pocketbook than buying used. Don’t believe us? Let’s look over some of the evidence for buying a new house.

1. More Energy Efficient

If being energy efficient – and saving money – are important to you at all, buying a new house is the way to go!

Newly built houses can save 3,449 KwH per year on average. That’s enough energy to power a new television for 11 years, a new washer for 4 years, or a new coffee maker for 32 years. And, that means homes built in 2017 are 30% more efficient than homes built in 2007!

2. Move In Ready

Buying a new house means you can move right in, without having to make repairs or replace anything. It’s all done for you and ready to use.

This is important for families, because a survey of marriage counselors has shown that home renovation projects are one of the top three reasons listed for divorce! That is an extremely high statistic for something you would normally think nothing of. Best to be safe!

3. More Spacious

For the most part, new homes are going to be much more open in their floor plans and more spacious overall. In fact, closets in new homes tend to be three times bigger than in used homes, meaning more storage space and room for clothing!

Also, the bathrooms in new homes are usually twice as big as in new homes, meaning more room to move around, and more room for storage and linens as well. The other statistic in regards to space is that new homes have higher ceilings, both in general as well as because they are more likely to have a vaulted ceiling area, which people love!

4. Everything Is New

Everything in a new house . . . is new. Period. Washer and dryer, roof, driveway, etc. You don’t have to worry about most major expenses for 10-15 years!

That’s why buying a new house is the way to go. Buying a used house, while it may be cheaper up front, is going to cost you very quickly as you need to replace that $2,500 washer and dryer, or the $15,000 roof, $2,000 water heater or $5,000 HVAC system!

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