The Truth About Buying A New House

The truth is . . . on average, buying a new house is going to save you more money than buying a cheaper used house! There is a ton of evidence to back this up, so let’s take a look through it.

They’re Bigger

Generally speaking, new homes are going to have more square footage than used homes. Period. It’s been shown that the average closet in a new home is three times bigger than in a used home! That means more room for jackets, clothes, shoes, storage, linens, etc.

And wouldn’t you know it, bathrooms in new homes are also twice as big! That gives you a lot more room so you and your spouse don’t bump into each other, as well as more room for your bathroom necessities and linen storage!

As well, new homes have higher ceilings, both in general and because they are more likely to have a vaulted ceiling area, which people love!

They’re Ready For Life

New homes are finished. They’re ready to go, with nothing left to be added (except your family!) There’s nothing to worry about because everything is prepared for you. The driveway is fresh so you won’t have to spend thousands on repaving. The roof is new, so you won’t need to shell out $15,000 for another 15-20 years. The washer, dryer, water heater and HVAC systems are all new, so that’s worth about $10,000 right there!

And these things are important, because recent surveys of marriage counselors have show that one of the top three reasons people list for divorce is home renovation issues! It’s amazing how high that is on the list, but it definitely makes you think twice about buying a fixer-upper.

They’re More Efficient

New homes are more efficient than older homes. In fact, recent data has shown that homes built in 2017 are on average 30% more efficient than homes built 10 years ago! That saves you an average of 3,449 KwH per year, which is enough to power your television for 11 years, a new washer for 4 years or a new coffee maker for 32 years!

If being energy efficient – and saving money – are important to you at all, buying a new house is the way to go!

Are you ready to buy a new house? Get in touch with us, and we can start looking over models and lots with you!