4 Great Benefits Of Installing Storm Doors

Storm doors are a great home improvement project for a number of reasons, form energy efficiency to the cost vs. value. At Lumber One, we’re proud to sell EMCO, Andersen and Larson storm doors to our loyal customers at both our Avon and Cold Spring retail store locations. A new storm door typically lasts 25 years or more!

The beautiful thing about Lumber One retail locations is that you can purchase your storm door, and then choose to install it yourself – a fun 2-4 hour weekend project for most homeowners – or have us come install it for you!

Here are some great reasons to purchase a new storm door from Lumber One, whether you plan to install it yourself or not!

1. Protect Your Beautiful Front Door

As a homeowner, you take pride in how your home looks to guests. Your front door is probably a focus point as people drive past or pull up to your home. Storm doors can help protect your front door against the elements, reducing the cost of maintaining it and helping it last longer.

2. Keep Debris & Pests Out

This spring and summer, let the breeze in but keep the leaves, debris, bugs and animals out. Storm doors with screens allow you to enjoy that additional airflow while protecting your front entry from those unpleasant things.

Storm Doors

3. Add Protection To Your Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to add another layer of protection to your home? Discourage burglars by giving them one more lock to get through or noisy window to break before they can get in the home. It will either keep them away or slow them down, both of which are extremely valuable in this highly unlikely but scary situation.

4. Reduce Your Energy Costs

Even with an energy efficient entry door, storm doors are a great way to provide an extra buffer between your home and the summer heat or winter cold. Certain storm doors we carry can reduce energy loss by up to 50%! The energy savings occurs because of two things: it creates a barrier between you and the exterior, but it also creates an insulating air pocket between the two doors, which aids in insulation.

Stop by our convenient retail store locations today in both Avon and Cold Spring!