4 Great Home Remodeling Ideas For The Winter

Winter is coming, and to make your home comfortable, here are some great home remodeling ideas to implement! Let our interior design center help you come up with a plan, and our retail store will have all the supplies you need.

1. New/Updated Fireplace

There’s nothing better in the winter than a warm fireplace! Adding a new fireplace or remodeling an existing one is a great winter project. Whether you’re looking for a full-scale stone hearth and mantel or something a bit simpler, our expert designers can help you find what you need or help with installation.

2. Heat Your Feet

If there is one thing better than a toasty fireplace, it’s toasty floorboards. Adding in-floor heat (radiant floor heating) in a great home remodeling idea! Radiant heat is adjustable, able to be set warmer in the mornings and evenings. Our professional remodelers can install them in any room, but most people opt for the kitchen and/or bathroom.

New London Model

3. Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

If you know winter brings drafts in your home, it’s a great idea to update and install new energy efficient doors and windows! Installing new energy-rated windows and doors can increase a home’s energy efficiency profile by 45 percent, also eventually paying for themselves in utility bill savings.

Although wooden doors are beautiful, modern steel and fiberglass doors are much more energy efficient. Many people prefer fiberglass to steel because it resists wear and tear better. Fiberglass doors can also be painted and stained for a faux-wood appearance.

4. New Bathroom Hardware

Replacing your bath, shower or tapware might seem like a task you’d rather leave. But if you want to update your bathroom and make it feel brand new, replacing these things can make a huge difference. Not only will your bathroom look nicer, but you could install a more powerful or varied shower head to make the cold time of year go by a bit easier.

Your small bathroom will feel bigger if you install new frameless glass shower screens. And to keep you really cosy, install a heat lamp-light-exhaust-fan combo, heated towel ladders or in-floor heating.

We hope you enjoy these great home remodeling ideas, and we’ll see you soon!