How to Stay On Top of Home Improvements

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. The largest responsibility is not mowing the lawn, keeping the floors clean, or checking your fire alarm battery. The largest responsibility should be keeping up with your home improvements!

Time and use will deteriorate everything in your home from siding to appliances to windows. Neglecting to update these items when needed will eventually leave your home in disrepair.

Here are some tips for staying on top of home improvements and being responsible about home ownership.


Schedule Maintenance

JD Roth from the blog Get Rich Slowly has the great advice to create a home maintenance schedule customized to your home. You can even align your home maintenance schedule with your calendar and get notified when it’s time to change the furnace filter! It can be easy to forget annual chores like cleaning the gutters, flushing the water heater, vacuuming the dryer hose, or trimming the trees. However, this regular maintenance prevents serious problems in the future on expensive repairs to your home.


Budget For Improvements

Although you should always have an emergency fund of savings for other aspects of life, it is also wise to budget and save for home updates. New windows, for instance, is unlikely to be an emergency situation, but if you set aside 1-5% of every paycheck toward a home improvements fund, you can replace and update windows when it’s best for you.


Celebrate Progress

Rachel from the blog Small Notebook suggests documenting your home improvement progress in photos or even videos. Any time you make a change to your home—however small—it is motivating to see the before and after. This process also benefits your records in the event of an insurance claim. By photographing your home improvement projects, you will be encouraged to do more and appreciate how far your progress has come.


Put into action these three tips to boost your productivity and resolve in improving your home. For all of your home improvement projects, contact the professionals at Lumber One.