The Top 3 Home Improvements to Make Before Winter

We might be settling into the cooler temps with thoughts of cozy snowy days inside ahead, but do not let the last weeks of the warm season slip by you! Take advantage of the mild fall temperatures to tackle a couple of home improvement projects that will pay off when winter arrives!

Replace Windows

If you have older windows in your home, consider investing in new windows that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetics. Lumber One Avon specializes in replacing windows and can get the job done for you fast while the weather is good! Then you can enjoy the winter scenery through windows that aren’t wafting cold drafts at you every now and then.  

Repair Siding and Roofing

It is important that your home is protected from the harsh elements of Minnesota winters. Check for damaged areas on your roof from tree branches or moss growth. Inspect your home’s siding for spots of rot or cracks and holes. Repairing these damaged parts will keep up the integrity of your home’s building materials; do not neglect them! It might not be as expensive as you think if you are repairing instead of replacing altogether. We offer free quotes and advice!

Remodel Fireplace

During Minnesota winters, fireplaces are the joy of every homeowner! The cozy fire on a snowy cold day creates an atmosphere like no other. If your fireplace is old, outdated, falling into disrepair, or needs a complete redo, Lumber One Avon can help! We work on remodeling projects and can transform your existing fireplace to a showpiece you will want to sit around all winter long. If you do not have a fireplace, we can install one as well! 

These three home improvement projects will make the biggest difference in how comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable your home is this coming winter! Contact Lumber One Avon for more information and a free consultation at (320) 356-7342.