Large projects like apartments, townhomes and other residential complexes are our specialty. At Lumber One, we’ve been building large residential projects for more than 40 years, and our focus is always on providing the highest quality and most cost-effective results for our clients.

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Apartments, Townhomes & Moreapartmentstile

Building and rehabilitating multifamily units like apartments and townhomes is a complex, challenging task. These types of buildings require a high level of experience, knowledge, collaboration, innovation and expertise.

Since 1972, Lumber One has been the premier building for large-scale residential projects – like apartments – across central Minnesota and beyond. We provide full-service building and contracting options, from drafting the plans, to interior design, to the finishing touches, Lumber One has you covered.

Large Projects Need Resources & Expertise

The devil is in the details. Large projects like apartments can become muddled with all of the details that need to be considered. A contractor needs a considerable amount of resources and expertise to provide for the project’s needs at every stage.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers everything they need for apartments, townhomes and other large projects, including:

  • Assistance with preliminary feasibility estimates
  • Collaboration with architects and other key individuals to determine and finalize plans and specifications
  • Preparation and delivery of comprehensive contracts
  • High-quality construction of apartments/townhomes/etc. which fully match plans and specifications both on time and on budget
  • Preparation and delivery of monthly draw requests and tours of the project with architects when required
  • Supply proper documentation for LEED or Energy Star Certification as a green builder
  • Preparation and delivery of any documentation required if the apartments/townhomes/etc. are constructed under HUD, MHFA, Rural Development or Davis Bacon guidelines
  • Supervision of the final walkthrough and the accurate and quick completion of the punch list
  • Foster exceptional communication, education, and collaboration with all building partners and our customers to ensure a seamless and efficient process at every stage

Lumber One: Tough Bidders, Great Builders

At Lumber One, your apartments or other project are our priority. We focus on honesty and delivering an exceptional experience for every client. You can rest easy knowing that at Lumber One, we do things right the first time and never cut corners.

We have built a company which can serve as your one-stop shop for any of your multi-family building needs. Our businesses includes a full-service lumber yard, an interior design center, drafting services, construction and contracting, a retail store and showroom, and skilled and dedicated staff and builders to help you from start to finish.

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