Lumber-One is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews from around the Web.
Everyone who visits our new home wants to know who built it. You can be sure we spread the Lumber One word!
Regrets after using a Cheap Builder - Unfortunately, I went with another builder that would build my house for me for a little less money. I should have realized the quality was going to suffer some if I did go with a cheaper builder. I found out afterwards that quality and the way a person is treated means more than saving a bit of money. My brother had you build his house in Avon, and he is very, very satisfied. You took good care of him during and most importantly after the sale. I really just wanted to let you know that people appreciate the good work you do. Best of luck to Lumber One. Thanks again.
Home Building Dream Comes True - We have been in our new home for several months now and would like to let you know how much we love it. We are very pleased we decided to build and even more pleased that we decided to have Lumber One make it all come true for us.
We recently moved into our second home built by Lumber One. Again, we received first-class service from start to finish. Lumber One has truly made building a pleasurable experience.
Thanks to your knowledge on financing, our dream came true. You realized our financial situation and really bent over backward to help us. You deserve the name Lumber One, because you're number one in planning, and more importantly, in the way you treat your customers.