Minnesota’s Premier Multi-Family Home Contractor 

Major Multi-Family Home Projects Require Major Experience

At Lumber One, large multi-family home projects like apartments, townhomes and other residential complexes are our specialty. For over 40 years, we’ve built the highest quality multi-family homes and provided the most cost-effective results for our clients.

Green Apartment Building
Deck on apartment overlooking the neighborhood
Green Apartment Building

Why use Lumber One?

High-level experience & knowledge

Building and rehabilitating multi-family homes, like apartments and townhomes,  is a complex and challenging task. These buildings require a high level of experience, knowledge, collaboration, innovation and expertise that only Lumber One can provide.

Since 1972, Lumber One has been the premier builder for large-scale residential projects across Central Minnesota and beyond. We provide full-service building and contracting services to ensure your project meets our rigorous standards from start to finish. From drafting to interior design to those final touches, Lumber One has you covered.

We Handle the Details

Details are everything to the Lumber One team. During large-scale projects like multi-family home construction, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the myriad details that must be considered. Lumber One’s skilled multi-family contractors are backed by decades of experience, giving them the context, resources and expertise to track and meet your project’s needs at every stage.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers everything they need to successfully complete apartments, townhomes and other large projects, including:

  • Assistance with preliminary feasibility estimates.
  • Collaboration with architects and other key individuals to determine and finalize plans and specifications.
  • Preparation and delivery of comprehensive contracts.
  • Highest-quality construction of multi-family residential projects that follow agreed-upon plans and specifications, delivered both on time and on budget.
  • Preparation and delivery of monthly draw requests and tours of the project with architects, when required.