About Us

We’re Built To Serve You

Lumber One started as a small lumber yard in Avon, Minnesota, and has grown to one of the premier custom home builders in Minnesota.

From its modest beginnings, Lumber One prospered under the leadership of Terry Schmid. After purchasing Avon Lumber Yard in 1962, he expanded the company by purchasing the Cold Spring Lumber Yard in 1967. In 1987, both companies changed their names to Lumber One.

Now under the leadership of Terry’s daughter, Barb Brandes, and son, Ted Schmid, Lumber One is known for expertise as leading Minnesota home builders for:

  • New home construction with a variety of affordable plans in preferred developments
  • Energy efficient home building
  • Apartment contractors
  • Large- and small-scale remodeling
  • Commercial construction
  • Move-in ready new homes for sale in Minnesota

Lumber One provides full-service building and contractor materials and services, including our lumber yard, interior design services, drafting, retail store with showroom and mortgage services. See our work or contact us about your building project.

Quote from the CEO

“At Lumber One, a family-run business, we strive to bring honesty and integrity to all our interactions with co-workers, customers and suppliers. It is simply expected that everyone conduct business with an open and honest manner. Your word or handshake to a customer represents the commitment and integrity at Lumber One, and the company will honor that commitment.”
-Barb Brandes CEO-