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5 Easy Steps To Help Sell Your Old House Fast

The Truth About Buying A New House

How An Expert Home Builder Makes All The Difference

How An Expert Home Builder Makes All The Difference

You haven’t experienced home building until you’ve worked with an expert, custom home builder. At Lumber One, we’ve worked hard to create a full-service construction business where you can get everything you need and want for your new home without having to rely on multiple services.

Find out about all of the ways hiring an expert home builder like Lumber One can make all the difference in your new home!


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Lumber Yard

You should expect excellence. Full-service lumber yards are the place to go for expert advice and the best quality products at reasonable prices. Since 1962, we’ve been providing our extensive selection of products on-site, with the ability to special order anything you need to complete your building project!

Interior Design

Our interior design center specializes in ensuring your space provides the exceptional comfort, energy efficiency, beauty and functionality you need. Our experienced and highly skilled interior designers work closely with you to truly make your home your own.

Whether you know exactly what you want but are struggling to put together a design, we welcome you to our interior design center at our Avon location. We have the tools, team and talent to coordinate the elements of your home and create the perfect living space!


Great homes and buildings begin with great plans. We are proud to offer in-house drafting to our customers and are dedicated to providing a full-service experience. Our drafting experts work closely with our customers and can help select a plan, redesign one, or develop a brand new blueprint to meet your expectations and match your preferences.

If you’re in need of a new home, give the experts at Lumber One a call!

Fall 2016 Tour of Homes #15

How To Find The Home Of Your Dreams This Fall

You’ve got a dream home in mind already: you can see your family happily living there or visiting for years; the neighbors dropping off misdelivered mail; and, the neighborhood kids riding past on bikes in the summer.

But to find the home of your dreams, you’ll need to do a lot of searching. But you can simplify the process by visiting our Home #15 on the Fall 2016 CMBA Tour of Homes! At Lumber One, we know homes, and we know we have the perfect one for you.

Find Out All About The Fall 2016 CMBA Tour Of Homes11742da166b241d3952df14642603b82_f883

The first step towards finding your dream home is to visit the Fall 2016 CMBA Tour of Homes website. At this website you’ll find addresses and descriptions of all of the homes on the tour, along with a convenient map from Google showing you where exactly the houses are. But our guess is you’ll be drawn to one home in particular: Home #15!

Discover Lumber One’s Home #15

You can learn about Home #15 on the Tour of Homes website, including: the price, address, the number of bedrooms (4) and bathrooms (3.5), square footage, along with some of the other amenities. This is also where you can get the phone number for your house, to talk to a representative like Jim Green and get to know the house better.

Visit The Home During One Of Its Open House Times!

Finally, make a plan to visit the home during one of the dates and times designated on the Tour of Homes website to really get a feel for this home, as well as how we at Lumber One build homes.

Tours run weekends, from Sept. 16-18 and 23-25. The tour is held Fridays from 4:30-7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from noon-5 p.m. It’s free to attend.

Once you’ve had a chance to interact with the Lumber One home in St. Cloud, we know you’ll be in love just like we are! And remember, you can always contact us with any questions; we know every inch of this home!

Home Builder Jumping for Joy

4 Crucial Traits To Look For In A New Home Builder


How To Use Our Search Tool To Find The Perfect Property For Sale

Finding the perfect home can be a ton of work! Everybody has different tastes and interests, so it’s difficult to find a resale home which has just the right details for you. We recommend stopping the used home search, and instead looking for property for sale!

At Lumber One, we have property for sale across the state, from Alexandria to Cambridge, from LItchfield to Brainerd, even in Rochester!

We believe building your own home after finding the perfect property for sale is an infinitely better option than purchasing a used home without all of the features you’d like. And we have just the tool to help you with your property search!

How To Use Our Search Tool To Find The Perfect Property For SaleScreenshot 2016-08-03 at 1.50.32 PM - Display 1 - Edited

We have a search tool, located here, which will help you find the perfect property for you!

At the above page, scroll down to the center of the page and you will find a map covering all of central Minnesota, from Alexandria to Cambridge and from LItchfield to Brainerd. On it are little Lumber One logos, indicating property for sale at that location.

At this point, you can either click on the logo near the town you want to live at, or you can look above the map for a drop-down menu which says “Filter by” with “All” below it. Click on “All” to find a list of every town we have property for sale in!

Once you choose a town from the drop down menu, the map will depopulate, only showing Lumber One logos of property for sale in your selected town. Now you can click on the logo.

Once you click on the logo, it will take you to a special page just for that particular property. You’ll see a satellite map of the area around the property, likely with a few different properties for sale.

All properties are color-coded: RED & GREEN are for sold properties; BLUE is for model homes or homes on hold; YELLOW is for special pricing; and, WHITE is for property for sale.

Happy searching, and contact us with any questions!

For Sale Sign

Stone Gate Lot Sale

Lumber One currently has special pricing in our Stone Gate Development in south St. Cloud.   Go to our Developments Page and enter St. Cloud to access our Stone Gate Development for more information on special lot pricing.  Or contact Lumber One for more information.  For Sale Sign