Very exciting project for Lumber One and the Meeker County EDA. Four new homes are being built in Litchfield for their workforce with the intent of many more. This is going to be a great community partnership! 

Contact Jack Brandes or Ted Schmid for more information at 320-356-7342

Need a Great Career???

Looking for a great career with opportunities for advancement, take a look at Lumber One Avon. We currently have positions open in the lumber yard. Full time positions, company benefits, including family health care, and competitive wages!! Contact Chad Carlson @ 320-356-7342 as soon as possible!!



Unique lot located in South St. Cloud at our Stone Gate community Stirling Waters. Special pricing at $70,900. Golf course access and country living in the city. Call Chuck at 320-256-7342 for more information, this lot will not last long.


Warm weather is here and now is the time to plan barbecues and other outdoor parties! Make this summer even more fun by building or redoing your deck.

Are you ready to create your summertime entertainment space? For a limited time we are offering free 2x green treated framing with purchase of select composite decking and railing packages. Purchase must be made in April or May. For details, contact us at 320-356-7342.




In response to the recent global health events, Lumber One is taking extra precautions to protect the health and well-being of our community. Please know that we are following the recommendations by the MDH and CDC in regards to COVID-19.

Due to the nature of our business, we will be adjusting our schedules based on the needs of our customers. Our employees have been instructed to practice proper hand washing, maintain social distancing, and routinely clean all facilities.

In an attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy, we are asking that all material orders be placed by phone, email, or by contacting your sales representative. We would be more than happy to deliver materials to your car as you pull up or deliver to your home if able.

We also are limiting the number of people in our showroom at any given time. If you need to visit our showroom to make selections, please call, email, or speak with your sales representative so we can reserve this space for you.

Thank you for your business and your continued support!

The Lumber One Team


To our Staff and Clients:

There is no higher priority to ensure the safety and health of clients and staff at Lumber One. Please be assured that we are monitoring the CDC, the WHO, and MN Department of Health to stay on top of the evolving situation regarding COVID-19.

According to the CDC, for most people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be minimal, but the WHO has declared the Coronavirus to be a global pandemic.

We want you to feel confident when coming into our offices and showroom. As a precaution, we are doing all that we can to protect our clients and staff and create an environment where you continue to feel safe and healthy.

We look forward to working with you and to a great 2020 construction season!


The Top 3 Home Improvements to Make Before Winter

We might be settling into the cooler temps with thoughts of cozy snowy days inside ahead, but do not let the last weeks of the warm season slip by you! Take advantage of the mild fall temperatures to tackle a couple of home improvement projects that will pay off when winter arrives!

Replace Windows

If you have older windows in your home, consider investing in new windows that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetics. Lumber One Avon specializes in replacing windows and can get the job done for you fast while the weather is good! Then you can enjoy the winter scenery through windows that aren’t wafting cold drafts at you every now and then.  

Repair Siding and Roofing

It is important that your home is protected from the harsh elements of Minnesota winters. Check for damaged areas on your roof from tree branches or moss growth. Inspect your home’s siding for spots of rot or cracks and holes. Repairing these damaged parts will keep up the integrity of your home’s building materials; do not neglect them! It might not be as expensive as you think if you are repairing instead of replacing altogether. We offer free quotes and advice!

Remodel Fireplace

During Minnesota winters, fireplaces are the joy of every homeowner! The cozy fire on a snowy cold day creates an atmosphere like no other. If your fireplace is old, outdated, falling into disrepair, or needs a complete redo, Lumber One Avon can help! We work on remodeling projects and can transform your existing fireplace to a showpiece you will want to sit around all winter long. If you do not have a fireplace, we can install one as well! 

These three home improvement projects will make the biggest difference in how comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable your home is this coming winter! Contact Lumber One Avon for more information and a free consultation at (320) 356-7342.

Welcome Tech High School Visitors!

When you are done completing the self guided tour of Tech High School this weekend, stop in and visit the Stone Gate Neighborhood!  Lumber One welcomes you to your new home!


Winter window preparation

How to Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter cold spells can be very hard on your home. Avoid emergencies or uncomfortable experiences by getting your home ready for winter with these tactics.

Replace Caulking and Weather Stripping

The cracks and spaces around windows and doors create drafts and heating inefficiencies. Cracks less than 1/2” wide can be filled easily with caulk and painted over. For larger gaps and spaces between the door jams, apply weather stripping. If you can see outside through the crack, it should be sealed up.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Your heater does not have to work overtime. If you are gone for a significant time each day – say when your family is at work or school – program your thermostat to drop its temperature to the lower 60’s. You can even drop the temperature at night during the hours you sleep. A programmable thermostat installed in your home can save you enough money to pay for itself in just a couple of years.

Air Filter Replacement

Replace Your Furnace Filter Monthly

When it gets cold, we rely heavily on the machines that heat our home. Be sure to have your furnace checked and tuned up at the beginning of the season if you are concerned about leaks. It is wise to replace furnace filters monthly to keep airflow unhindered in your house.

Prep the Plumbing

Before the freezing temps cause an issue, be sure to drain your outdoor faucets and shut off the water supply leading to them. If you have anti-freeze outdoor faucets installed, you do not have to worry about this step. However, it is still wise to prepare the plumbing in your home by wrapping insulation sleeves over pipes to prevent heat loss.

These simple steps can ensure your home is all set for the winter cold! If you’re in the market for a new home or property, contact the experts at Lumber One.


How to Stay On Top of Home Improvements

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. The largest responsibility is not mowing the lawn, keeping the floors clean, or checking your fire alarm battery. The largest responsibility should be keeping up with your home improvements!

Time and use will deteriorate everything in your home from siding to appliances to windows. Neglecting to update these items when needed will eventually leave your home in disrepair.

Here are some tips for staying on top of home improvements and being responsible about home ownership.


Schedule Maintenance

JD Roth from the blog Get Rich Slowly has the great advice to create a home maintenance schedule customized to your home. You can even align your home maintenance schedule with your calendar and get notified when it’s time to change the furnace filter! It can be easy to forget annual chores like cleaning the gutters, flushing the water heater, vacuuming the dryer hose, or trimming the trees. However, this regular maintenance prevents serious problems in the future on expensive repairs to your home.


Budget For Improvements

Although you should always have an emergency fund of savings for other aspects of life, it is also wise to budget and save for home updates. New windows, for instance, is unlikely to be an emergency situation, but if you set aside 1-5% of every paycheck toward a home improvements fund, you can replace and update windows when it’s best for you.


Celebrate Progress

Rachel from the blog Small Notebook suggests documenting your home improvement progress in photos or even videos. Any time you make a change to your home—however small—it is motivating to see the before and after. This process also benefits your records in the event of an insurance claim. By photographing your home improvement projects, you will be encouraged to do more and appreciate how far your progress has come.


Put into action these three tips to boost your productivity and resolve in improving your home. For all of your home improvement projects, contact the professionals at Lumber One.


How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Deck

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors – Especially in Minnesota – but only a few ways to enjoy it from home. Few summer activities are as relaxing as spending time with good company on your deck.

When building or updating your deck, there are lots of different materials to choose from. Thankfully, the experts at Lumber One are always ready to lend a hand!

We’ve created a guide to decking materials to help you find the right fit for the memories you’ll be making this summer:


Treated Decking

Of all the options available, treated decking is very common. It’s durable and affordable, combining natural materials with man-made ingenuity for a deck that is made to last. Features of this option include:

  • Economic materials
  • Chemically treated Lumber that resists rot, mold, and insects
  • Low overall maintenance

Cedar Decking

We can all agree that there’s nothing like the smell of cedar. On top of natural oils that resist rotting, it also acts as a natural repellent to insects while looking absolutely gorgeous as a deck material. We recommend regularly staining cedar to extend the life of the deck while restoring its natural luster. A few benefits of cedar decking are:

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Possesses rot-resistant natural oils
  • Naturally repels insects


Composite Decking

Composite decking brings the best of both worlds to your deck, with a few added features. They require the least amount of maintenance, are the most durable, are heat-resistant, and can last a lifetime. This family of decking materials is broken into two categories:


  1. Capped Composite Decking
  • Synthetic blend of wood flour and plastic with a PVC cap
  • Diverse color options and variations of wood styles
  • Heavier compared to PVC decking.
  • Mimics a more natural feel of wood
  • Requires no maintenance


  1.  PVC Decking
  • Scratch, mildew, and stain resistance (same color all the way through)
  • Diverse color options and variations of wood styles
  • Lighter in weight compared to Capped Composite decking
  • Absorbs little to no heat, keeping your deck cool


We hope these options provide valuable information to use on your search for a new deck. Choosing the right materials to use based on budget, appearance, durability, and climate can be overwhelming without help from the experts – but making the right choice can yield an enjoyable experience and an increase in curb value for your home.


If you’re drawn to composite decking, we encourage you to act soon. Purchase any composite deck/railing in the month of May and receive treated framing materials for free!

Home Plan Spotlight: Savanna


Lumber One Cold Spring Hiring!!

New London Model

4 Great Home Remodeling Ideas For The Winter

Home Interior

4 Ways To Personalize Your Home Interior

Arbor Trails 2 Story Front

Home Plan Spotlight: Arbor Trails

Pole Barn

3 Drainage Techniques To Protect Your Pole Barn

Truth of New Construction

Truth of New Home Construction

Stone Gate Community Pool


The Stone Gate community pool is now open for the 2017 season. For more information on membership to the community pool, contact Chad Carlson at 320-356-7342.

Storm Doors

4 Great Benefits Of Installing Storm Doors

Sell Your Old House

5 Easy Steps To Help Sell Your Old House Fast

The Truth About Buying A New House

How An Expert Home Builder Makes All The Difference

How An Expert Home Builder Makes All The Difference

You haven’t experienced home building until you’ve worked with an expert, custom home builder. At Lumber One, we’ve worked hard to create a full-service construction business where you can get everything you need and want for your new home without having to rely on multiple services.

Find out about all of the ways hiring an expert home builder like Lumber One can make all the difference in your new home!


Expert Full-Service Home Buildingbuilding-1080589_1920

Lumber Yard

You should expect excellence. Full-service lumber yards are the place to go for expert advice and the best quality products at reasonable prices. Since 1962, we’ve been providing our extensive selection of products on-site, with the ability to special order anything you need to complete your building project!

Interior Design

Our interior design center specializes in ensuring your space provides the exceptional comfort, energy efficiency, beauty and functionality you need. Our experienced and highly skilled interior designers work closely with you to truly make your home your own.

Whether you know exactly what you want but are struggling to put together a design, we welcome you to our interior design center at our Avon location. We have the tools, team and talent to coordinate the elements of your home and create the perfect living space!


Great homes and buildings begin with great plans. We are proud to offer in-house drafting to our customers and are dedicated to providing a full-service experience. Our drafting experts work closely with our customers and can help select a plan, redesign one, or develop a brand new blueprint to meet your expectations and match your preferences.

If you’re in need of a new home, give the experts at Lumber One a call!

Fall 2016 Tour of Homes #15

How To Find The Home Of Your Dreams This Fall

You’ve got a dream home in mind already: you can see your family happily living there or visiting for years; the neighbors dropping off misdelivered mail; and, the neighborhood kids riding past on bikes in the summer.

But to find the home of your dreams, you’ll need to do a lot of searching. But you can simplify the process by visiting our Home #15 on the Fall 2016 CMBA Tour of Homes! At Lumber One, we know homes, and we know we have the perfect one for you.

Find Out All About The Fall 2016 CMBA Tour Of Homes11742da166b241d3952df14642603b82_f883

The first step towards finding your dream home is to visit the Fall 2016 CMBA Tour of Homes website. At this website you’ll find addresses and descriptions of all of the homes on the tour, along with a convenient map from Google showing you where exactly the houses are. But our guess is you’ll be drawn to one home in particular: Home #15!

Discover Lumber One’s Home #15

You can learn about Home #15 on the Tour of Homes website, including: the price, address, the number of bedrooms (4) and bathrooms (3.5), square footage, along with some of the other amenities. This is also where you can get the phone number for your house, to talk to a representative like Jim Green and get to know the house better.

Visit The Home During One Of Its Open House Times!

Finally, make a plan to visit the home during one of the dates and times designated on the Tour of Homes website to really get a feel for this home, as well as how we at Lumber One build homes.

Tours run weekends, from Sept. 16-18 and 23-25. The tour is held Fridays from 4:30-7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from noon-5 p.m. It’s free to attend.

Once you’ve had a chance to interact with the Lumber One home in St. Cloud, we know you’ll be in love just like we are! And remember, you can always contact us with any questions; we know every inch of this home!

Home Builder Jumping for Joy

4 Crucial Traits To Look For In A New Home Builder


How To Use Our Search Tool To Find The Perfect Property For Sale

Finding the perfect home can be a ton of work! Everybody has different tastes and interests, so it’s difficult to find a resale home which has just the right details for you. We recommend stopping the used home search, and instead looking for property for sale!

At Lumber One, we have property for sale across the state, from Alexandria to Cambridge, from LItchfield to Brainerd, even in Rochester!

We believe building your own home after finding the perfect property for sale is an infinitely better option than purchasing a used home without all of the features you’d like. And we have just the tool to help you with your property search!

How To Use Our Search Tool To Find The Perfect Property For SaleScreenshot 2016-08-03 at 1.50.32 PM - Display 1 - Edited

We have a search tool, located here, which will help you find the perfect property for you!

At the above page, scroll down to the center of the page and you will find a map covering all of central Minnesota, from Alexandria to Cambridge and from LItchfield to Brainerd. On it are little Lumber One logos, indicating property for sale at that location.

At this point, you can either click on the logo near the town you want to live at, or you can look above the map for a drop-down menu which says “Filter by” with “All” below it. Click on “All” to find a list of every town we have property for sale in!

Once you choose a town from the drop down menu, the map will depopulate, only showing Lumber One logos of property for sale in your selected town. Now you can click on the logo.

Once you click on the logo, it will take you to a special page just for that particular property. You’ll see a satellite map of the area around the property, likely with a few different properties for sale.

All properties are color-coded: RED & GREEN are for sold properties; BLUE is for model homes or homes on hold; YELLOW is for special pricing; and, WHITE is for property for sale.

Happy searching, and contact us with any questions!

For Sale Sign

Stone Gate Lot Sale

Lumber One currently has special pricing in our Stone Gate Development in south St. Cloud.   Go to our Developments Page and enter St. Cloud to access our Stone Gate Development for more information on special lot pricing.  Or contact Lumber One for more information.  For Sale Sign

Freshen Up Your Bathroom With A Springtime Remodel

Springtime is a great time to get your hands dirty . . . or let us do the dirty work for you! At Lumber One in central Minnesota, we have the design expertise, know-how and parts needed to freshen up your bathroom.

We have a ton of great tips for you as you work towards remodeling your bathroom!

Freshen Up Your Bathroom With A Springtime RemodelBathrooms9


Every sink has advantages and disadvantages based on the type of bathroom you’re creating. Pedestal sinks are great for small powder rooms, but offer no storage or deck space. Vessel sinks sit above the counter so you have more room for drawers, but it can be tougher to keep clean. A vanity with a sink takes up the most room in a bathroom, but it has a lot of storage and deck space.


Porcelain or glazed tiles make an easy floor to care for. Porous natural stone tiles are usually more expensive but can really help beautify a space. If you want a non-slip floor, choose tiles with textured surfaces, matte finishes or sand-containing glazes.


A fan is a must. For a master bath, splurge on a very quiet fan which won’t wake up your partner at night. For a family or guest bathroom, consider a mid-range model, possibly with a timer so you don’t have to rely on kids or guests to turn it on or off. For small powder rooms install a loud fan for maximum sound privacy near public areas.


Certain features like a hand-held shower can be added at any time, but you should plan permanent features from the start. Grab-bars should be secured to wall studs, and you may want to consider a shower which is level with the rest of the bathroom so no one has to step up into it.

Master Bath Musts

If you’re designing a master bath, you’ll definitely want to consider creating a private area for the toilet. You might also like to have a separate shower and bathtub so two people can clean-up at once. Creating a double-sink vanity is on the top of many people’s wish lists, just be sure to leave enough space between the two sinks, drain to drain.


A recessed niche in a tub or shower gives your soaps and shampoo a permanent home, rather than using a shower caddy which takes up valuable shower space.

Lumber One: Tough Bidders, Great Builders

At Lumber One, your project is our top concern. We operate based on honesty and integrity, have done so since 1962, and continue to strive to deliver an exceptional experience with every client. You can rest easy knowing that when you contract with Lumber One for your bathroom remodel, we do things right the first time and never cut corners. Contact us today, or visit one of our two convenient locations in central Minnesota: Avon and Cold Spring.

CMBA Tour Of Homes

CMBA Tour Of Homes

b6cb36d4-59b5-4ca8-a43a-5623cc1a7e12_398_122Lumber One Avon will be having two model homes on the 2015 CMBA Spring Tour of Homes, March 13-15 & 20-22. Stop by and see us one or both weekends!

CMBA Home #10 is a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom tri-level home located in the Heritage Development in Sartell. This home includes vaulted ceilings, open kitchen, poplar millwork, and is priced to sell at $159,900.

CMBA Home #15 is a gorgeous 2 bedroom and den patio home in our Stone Gate Development on the South Side of St. Cloud. This home includes in-floor heat, a spacious sunroom, gas fireplace, granite counters, and maintenance free stucco exterior. Relax and let the association take care of snow and lawn. This home is also for sale and priced at $305,900.

Reinvent Your Kitchen This Spring With A Remodel

Kitchen remodels can be tricky. Our expert designers here at Lumber One in central Minnesota can help you find the right products to use, and we can help install them as well! We also have a ton of great, general kitchen remodel tips gathered here, so check them out, along with our retail store when you are ready.

Reinvent Your Kitchen This Spring With A RemodelKitchen_Dining19


Flooring is a great way to give a kitchen a quick update. There are many different laminate floorings, vinyl tiles, or even ceramic tiles which can mimic the look of a real hardwood floor if that is what you are looking for.


A pantry can be made into a focus piece by painting it a sharp color, maybe a dark green or bold blue.

Drawer pulls can be replaced with wider handles, which can be used to create drawer labels.


Dining room or breakfast nook chairs can be redone with slipcovers instead of upholstered. This is more practical and makes them easy to launder.

If you have a bar or other stool area, trade in your usual counter-height stools for diner-style bar stools for a funky piece. They’re durable and easy to clean.


A splash of color can be added by buying subway tile with a metallic sheen to it. Install it behind your range. It can pick up the shine of stainless steel appliances while softening the transition between darker counters and lighter cabinets.

Lumber One: Tough Bidders, Great Builders

At Lumber One, your project is our top concern. We operate based on honesty and integrity, have done so since 1962, and continue to strive to deliver an exceptional experience with every client. You can rest easy knowing that when you contract with Lumber One for your kitchen remodel, we do things right the first time and never cut corners. Contact us today, or visit one of our two convenient locations in central Minnesota: Avon and Cold Spring.

Pole Barn Specialists!

Pole Barn Specialists!

adcfa179-999f-4a83-9bcf-e3afccfda71b_398_306Brian Abraham has joined the Lumber One staff as a pole barn specialist! He currently has crews in place to start your project immediately and he can work with you to assess your needs. Brian has extensive experience in the construction industry and Lumber One is happy to have him on board. Contact Brian at 320-356-7342 today!

Lumber Buying Guide: A Comprehensive Overview

houzz logo

Check Us Out on Houzz!

06db5b78-5705-416e-993d-31dd7f0e13d4_387_398Have you heard what all the buzz is about? Its HOUZZ of course. Check us out Houzz, write a review, and let us know how we can help on your next project!

Places to See, Things to Do!

Places to See, Things to Do!

d337b28f-9012-49fe-9a55-6619a7d79b1d_398_299Our work takes us to many different places and lets us see many cool things. This magnificent bald eagle watched us work on a cabin near Annandale yesterday!
Pole Barn

The Pros & Cons of a Pole Barn

Making Progress at Bottineau Ridge!

Making Progress at Bottineau Ridge!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The weather finally seems to be turning around for the first time in several months and that means that we can start digging for some new homes and make some serious progress on a couple of our apartments. What do you think of this 50 unit apartment complex behind the Shops of Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove?

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

How Are Lumber Prices Determined?

Pole Barn

Why Are Pole Barns So Popular? The Top 3 Answers


Northgate Apartments Awarded to Lumber One Avon

Northgate-Apartments-2Color rendering of the new apartment complex in Owatonna, Minnesota, Northgate Apartments. Lumber One Avon was awarded this contract to construct a new 36 unit apartment building.

Storm Doors

Storm Doors

f407ce88-58e5-4211-8646-57c9df284061_398_398Spring is a great time to install a new storm door. Stop by our showroom to see our many different brands and styles of doors. We will even help with installing!

Andersen Windows Certified Installer

Andersen Windows Certified Installer


Modern Home One The River

Modern Home One The River

6d904e89-10a5-441c-b9b9-70e0d124cd69_398_299This modern home has many great aspects including trayed ceiling, large windows, and a gas fireplace. What do you think?