3 Drainage Techniques To Protect Your Pole Barn

It’s important to protect your investment, especially one as important as your pole barn. Keeping water drained away from your foundations is extremely important. Proper drainage protects your investments inside the pole barn and also protects the foundation and integrity of the building.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your pole barn sits on solid ground for as long as you own it. Get in touch with us to build and properly drain the perfect pole barn.

1. Slope (Be Mindful Of Backfill)

Most water issues you’ll have are because of rainfall. Controlling surface water is critical to protecting your pole barn, belongings and foundation. The ground should slope away from your building at between ½-1” per foot for at least 6-10’. Be careful if you’re doing it yourself, or working with a sketchy contractor, as the backfill you use is important. If backfill is pool compacted, the slope will soon lead straight to your foundation and water can come pouring in.

Pole Barn

2. Extend Gutters

Remember the length of slope you need (6-10’)? Your gutters should extend at least that far out to prevent pooling and flooding next to your foundation. If you don’t have room to get 10’ gutters, you’ll want to make sure those downspouts discharge into drained catch basins, which can shunt water away from your pole barn and to a stream or other stormwater dumping area.

3. Do It Right The First Time

Finally, remember that it is much easier to do foundation drainage right in the first place than to repair it later. In fact, get in touch with us to get the best pole barn around, and the greatest drainage to protect it!

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