4 Ways To Personalize Your Home Interior

When it comes time to personalize your home interior, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, maybe in places you hadn’t considered updating before.

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1. Replace Doors

One of the easiest ways to really personalize your home’s interior is to replace – or paint – your doors. Whether it’s your front door, which sets the mood for your entire home, interior doors to bedrooms, basements or bathrooms, or it’s your cabinet doors which need to be redone, you can cover a lot of square footage this way in a short amount of time.

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2. Kitchen Worktop & Backsplash

Another great way to personalize your home is to redo an area you spend a lot of time in – like your kitchen! Upgrading your worktop and backsplash can be a solo project or one you hire help for. Whether you currently have formica counters or something more impressive, adding a workable space which resists cuts and bacteria – such as butcher block or granite.

For the backsplash, maybe it’s time to upgrade to tile, or maybe you just need to pick out some new paint or a pattern.

3. Upgrade Shower

Your master bathroom is your retreat from the world. While others may not notice improvements here, your body will. Whether you need to increase water pressure or heat by improving your plumbing, or you’re looking to add a luxurious shower head or redo the entire shower, our experts can help.

4. Add A Skylight

For extra “wow” factor, add a skylight! Whether in your bedroom or in a common area, a skylight makes the entire room brighter. A qualified contractor like Lumber One can help you install it. There are a variety of styles, and you can choose whether you want your skylight to be sealed or able to open and close.